6 May 2017

The grass is greener under my...

watercolour, ink, acetone transfer

...wiener.  And this one is expecting.  Did you know that female dogs have 8 to 10 nipples?  Now you do.

3 April 2017

Blue Footed Booby

watercolour, ink

The genesis for this drawing came from a something I scrawled on a Post-it note a month ago.  The outfit is a clashing mash-up of colours, but the feet really are that blue.

26 March 2017

Bleached Blue Whale

watercolour, bleach, ink

Tried a technique introduced by a colleague (thanks, AG) - bleach on wet watercolour.  Still figuring out how much bleach and how much pressure to apply with brush.  Ended up inking on top to add some details.

The technique is used very successfully in the film version of A Monster Calls, as shown here

5 March 2017

Dog Days

Pen and Ink

This is the 8-page mini comic created in class on the last day.  By then, I had drawn so many prairie dogs realistically that when this project came up, it was easy to distill the prairie dog into a cartoon figure (see previous post).

Prairie Dogs

pen & ink

Jumping into new waters and learning comics in a course taught by Julian Lawrence at ECUAD.  It was a challenging way to work because comics require you to direct a cast, understand sequential time, guide movement across the page, write and draw clearly.  All at once.

WiP - frisket film for lettering

24 January 2017


pen, watercolour, acetone transfer

CDC? is a wonderful picturebook by the late William Steig.  Sentences are made using letters and numbers to sound-out words.  For example:  U F D-K N U-R K-9  = "You have decay in your canine."

Above illustration of a house by the sea was inspired by the house below, apparently used in a movie set and now a vacation rental, in Rodanthe, NC.

20 January 2017

Many Snow Days

Version 5 - collage, watercolour, ink

It has been an unusual winter on the West Coast.  Normally, we get one big dump of wet, fluffy, snow.  Then everyone rushes outside to make snow angels, build their one snowman, and wait for the rain to wash it all away next day.  This year the snow (and ice) stayed.  So we have had many snow days.  And the one snow plough in all of Vancouver didn't make it to our street.

The illustrations in this post are for an assignment to create five versions inspired by the same photograph below:


These were my other four versions.  Interesting that the mood can change based on the medium and colours chosen.

Version 1 - pen and ink

Version 2 - watercolour and ink

Version 3- collage

Version 4 - watercolour and ink