12 February 2015

Half-Timbered in Rennes

Pigma 005 to 08

This is the first time using ink "doodles" on a non-animal theme.  The above scene is from  Rennes, Brittany.  The original photo by Manfredo Q is shown below, right next to the drawing in the early stages of inking.  Using this method took twice as long on buildings as it did on animals.

WiP - photo reference for drawing

24 January 2015

My First Typeface!


I am learning about typeface (or fonts).  After a first class that was mostly a history and classification lesson, our assignment was to develop our own font using a grid of squares or dots.  Mid-week, I had a eureka moment to combine both squares and dots in a typeface that would have Braille embedded as part of each character it represented.  Since each Braille character is made up of a combination of dots in a 2x3 dot grid, it was important that the Braille appear at the same location in each letter so that the alignment would be correct for actually reading Braille.  Some Braille dots ended up adjacent to rather than embedded within a character, which added... um... more character?

WiP - sketchbook

Above is my sketchbook showing the Braille alphabet and the basic grid structure that was used for each letter.  There were specific rules that I applied in order to build consistency in the typeface.

WiP - drawn on trace

Notice how many times the letter 'V' was attempted on trace?  Letters 'X' and 'K' were also tricky because I did not want a stepped look for the angled parts of the letter.  An implied angle was the solution that I liked.

It was also tricky trying to differentiate a 'D' from an 'O' and from the number '0'.  I really like the solution for zero with implied slash line.

The font was constructed online using FontStruct.
The class text book is, Thinking with Type, an excellent resource.

19 January 2015

Tri-some Dinos?

Pigmas 005 to 05

Another horn-headed vegetarian.  This one is definitely extinct.  The inspiration for drawing Triceratops horridus came from the kids.  They were watching A Prehistoric Adventure on National Geographic.  Here is the original image from the website and pencil sketch, ready to ink.

WiP - sketch and reference photo

7 January 2015

"Do Rhino You?"

Back on home turf, back to the comfort of my Pigma pens.  Here is one way to start the year - the beginning of a beautiful friendship, perhaps?

Photo that inspired the drawing found here.

13 December 2014

Snow Owl

It rarely snows where I now live.  So I draw snow scenes instead.  This drawing relies heavily on frisket film, toothbrush splatters, and not spilling the ink!  I like the balance of control and chaos on the same page.

4 December 2014

Moving Targets

Joined illustrators in a sketch crawl at the local art gallery.  These turned out to be 30 second gesture drawings since subjects kept moving!

27 November 2014

Creature Comforts

Pigma 005 and 05

When short on time and new ideas, I resort to familiar things like ink doodles and crows.  Caw-caw!

Speaking of creature comforts, check out the short by Nick Park (Aardman Animation) here.