9 November 2015


ink and watercolour

Playing a bit of catch up here.  Work on a picture book has kept me busy drawing, but not for the blog.  This is from a drawing not being used, but I really like how the crow turned out.  The indigo and burnt umber still show up in the inking.

6 October 2015

Drawing #20

ink, watercolour, pen, linocut print

It has been a long absence, but not for lack of drawing.  Yesterday, I finished the final working drawing for my draft 40-page picture book, The Outlaw.  Feeling fine.

Above is part of that image, and below some process images from the last few weeks:

WiP 10 - pen over frisket film
It can be therapeutic to just draw lines randomly.

WiP 11 - frisket film removed
This will be the front endpaper.  Back endpaper is similar.

WiP 12 - modified linocut

WiP 13 - more frisket film -
Masking for watercolour washes, ink splatters, pen lines, etc

WiP 14 - paper cut-outs and shadows

Work in progress 14 is probably my favourite.  I cut out two figures and moved them under different lighting to cast proper shadows for one of the images near the end.

Next steps, scanning and mocking up a dummy.

Just reward:  seeing Patrick deWitt at the Writers Fest.  Yay!

20 August 2015


ink, watercolour, acetone transfer

Every once in a while, I end up doing a perspective drawing.  It happened about the same time last year in Paris.  The drawing above is also a work in progress, based on street scapes from the  mid to late 1800s of Portland and California.  Just finished reading True Grit by Charles Portis, and re-reading Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt.  Some books are that good!

19 August 2015


ink, watercolour, acetone transfer

... with a feather birdie.  Happy birthday, Banana! 

14 August 2015


Detail from an illustration in progress.  Back to pen and ink, frisket film, newsprint transfer.  Below are studies for crows used in the same set of illustrations.  It is trickier than it looks to draw a silhouette of a crow without it coming across like a pigeon.

4 August 2015


Again, this is not my drawing, but I wish it was.  This is my eldest daughter's pelican that she sketched in Pigma pen with an added wash of watercolour for the beak.

30 July 2015

Prison Break

ink, watercolour, acetone transfer

This is for the INKED July challenge, Prison Escape Day.  I'm in summer mode, and that means the birds are coming out to play!