11 April 2014

Post Cards

Postcards for the SCBWI Western Washington conference, printed by ARC Document.  Business cards in middle printed by MOO .

Next 100 Drawings

Drawing 109-Pen and Ink

Francesca challenged our class to continue with Lisa's 100 Drawings project.  Above is an exercise in hand lettering, made while browsing the website of a favourite local p√Ętisserie, Beaucoup.

Drawings 101-110
And here are the first 10 together.  All drawings are pen and ink, some timed for 2 minutes, some timed for 4 minutes.

28 March 2014


Quick drawings can be satisfying and successful, like this five minute sketch of girls chatting at the park.  Pencil and graphite.

17 March 2014


"...but I don't have a Blu-ray player."

We recently sketched from a model dressed as a pirate.  The initial 10 minute sketch below became the illustration above with the help of frisket film, wax, acetone, watercolour, pen, and collage.

Pirate 10-minute sketch

With the wig and beard, this pirate bears more than a striking resemblance to Tom Hank's character in Castaway, and maybe the fuzzy coconut stands in for Wilson.

4 March 2014

Puss in Boots

Continuing with the same colour palette from last week, Puss in Boots gets the Phthalo/Raw/Quinacridone treatment.  This time, we made ten sketches in restricted compositions, and then chose two as final editorial illustrations.  Both drawings are wax, watercolour, and pen on Stonehenge.

WiP - 10 sketches, trace, and pencil work for final

25 February 2014

Colour Me Quinacridone?

This week's assignment was to reproduce from our 100 drawings, three that would be in a "reduced colour palette" of up to three colours.  This was almost an exercise in opposites since I am quite comfortable in black and white, pen and ink.  I needed help.  This deck of cards did the job:  PANTONE 35 Inspirational Color Palettes.  After flipping through the cards, I tagged four or five favourite palettes, and chose to work from this one:

Pantone 18-4834, 19-0415, 14-0951, 13-0611

Then it was time to colour-match against available watercolours.  I used:  Phthalo Turquoise, Raw Umber, and Quinacridone Gold to approximate the first three colours above.  For the wax resist, I used a natural beeswax candle instead of the bright orange one from earlier.  Here are the results:

You can compare the originals here and here.  All drawings are on Stonehenge using wax, watercolour, and sepia pen.

19 February 2014

100 Drawings - No. 76 to 100

The last 25 drawings for the assignment are here!  This time, raccoon is the star.  The drawings were timed for two minutes a piece.  The first ones look more "realistic" as I used photos to figure out how to draw a raccoon.  Since these were coming out fast, the later drawings start to show a short-hand for certain features, and the 'coons develop more character.  The candle was carved again to make an eye-patch stamp because it sure saved on inking time.

Drawing 79 - pen and ink

Drawing 83 - pen and ink

Drawing 84 - pen and ink

Drawing 89 - stamp, pen and ink

Drawing 91 - stamp, pen and ink

Drawing 94 - stamp, pen and ink

Here they are together: 

The last drawing features the dragon that was created in drawings 4 and 5 as she is imagined by a girl.
Drawing 100 - wax, smoke, pen, watercolour

Thank you for this exercise, Lisa.  It was a brutal amount of drawings to pull off.  However, I found a new and versatile tool to add to my kit - a candle!  More importantly, I kind of get why we have to do a lot of drawings.  I will end this post with a link to one of my favourite videos by D.S. Liu based on an interview with Ira Glass.  See you soon, raccoon (that's for you, A.H.)