18 June 2016

More 'edgehogs

gesso over ink, ink washes, pen, collage

black ballpoint pen

My kids were showing me their MineCraft "skins", which are basically surfaces that you can add to differentiate your player from other players.  I feel like I've applied skins in drawing three different version of 'edgehogs.  It's been an interesting exercise.  The first version is in the previous post.

... and a new favourite ballpoint pen, MUJI, discovered while chatting with comic artist at VanCAF:

28 May 2016


watercolour, ink, acetone transfer

Found a pencil sketch in my sketchbook and decided to turn it into a finished drawing.  Used the usual palette of phthalo turquoise, quinacridone gold, and burnt umber.

14 May 2016

Caw-cawphonous Chorus

Triptych in watercolour and ink, 90" x 22" (2290 x 560)

Attempted this larger than usual illustration project - a triptych seemed like a good way to capture a scene of birds on a wire.

24 April 2016


Pen and Ink

Spring arrives on the West Coast when I smell laurels and cherry blossoms.  Growing up on the prairies, it was the smell of lilacs that signaled Spring.  This quick doodle was an experiment with poured ink, then drawing on top with white and black ink pens.

17 March 2016


woodcut print

Happy St Patrick's Day!  This woodcut print just happens to be green.  An earlier version had a yellow background instead of green.

Relief printing was the last of three techniques that we learned.  Carving is strangely calming.  The sound of the tool against the wood might be part of it.  Below is the woodcut block.

woodcut block

rejected prints = placemats

The woodcut I made was a rather crude novice attempt.  To see fine woodcut work, look at the hummingbird that our instructor carved for the Calliope wine label.

12 March 2016


litho print

The second printmaking technique that we learned was lithography, or "writing on stone."  It is based water's resistance to oil. In our introduction to this process, we used Pronto plates and Sharpies.  Pronto plates are a lot lighter than lithography stones.

WiP - Pronto plate and Sharpie

2 March 2016

Again, Intaglio

Drypoint Intaglio

This was my first drypoint print.  Subsequent versions, where the river was darkened, are less satisfactory.